He asked, she said

Clink, clink, clack
Went the monotony of silver-ware on china
It was a din so loud and constant, not a second did it slack

She sat still, her mouth stuffed with food
Beads of perspiration rolling down her forehead
Since eating kept her mood in check, as it should

*Chomp*, clink, *chomp*, clink, *chomp*, clack
"Will you marry me?"
*Chomp*, clink, *chomp*, clink, *chomp*, clack

Suddenly realizing the echo of chewing filled her ears, to deafness
"Ahem, will you marry me?", came the voice, a little louder, with a little more boldness

Clink, cli….*silence*
*Chomp, chomp, chomp*
Went her jaws with years of practice and resilience

The swoosh of sharp neck-turns echoed around the hall
Miraculously louder than the grate of teeth on food in her mouth
It still took her a while to look up, five minutes and 8 seconds overall

It wasn't the 100 pairs of eyes that caught her attention,
But the piercing pair that stared back from right in front of her
Expectant, hopeful, heart racing with palpitation

"Huh?", she said
"Oh", he said
"What?", she said
" Gasp!", they said

Necks and eyes turned away faster than light
Filled with pity and sadness at witnessing his plight
"What did she say? No? But why?" were the whispers that filled the air that night

"No really, what? You know I can't hear when I eat", she said, annoyed
"Oh I know damn well, but I just asked you to marry me!", he said, annoyed
"What! She didn't hear him? Oh man!", they said, annoyed

"Oh…oh, uhm, oh really?", she said all shy
Gazing around surreptitiously, she averted all eyes
Embarrassed and irritated at herself, she let a moment go by

"Yes, so…..well….?", he said, filled with a little hope and a lot of fear
Silence went the room again, not a single breath to hear
A lot of eyes around, though, held equal fear and some, let roll a tear

"Ofcourse, I'll marry you silly boy", said she, and paused to finish her chew
Just long enough for cheers and claps to fill the air, louder by the second the sounds grew
And just long enough for him to stand up and reach out for her, and kiss her a few!

"BUT….", she said, quieter and solemnly
Almost in unison, silent went the resurrected clink, clink, clack, frozen with time
"Gasp!", "Not again", "Oh no!", they said, unbelievably

He spoke no words for a while, waiting for her to finish, knowing (accepting) her quirkiness
And then, as she smiled, he knew

"40 lbs to lose before I marry you", said she at 5.02 pm
"40 lbs to lose before you marry me", said he at 5.02 pm
"She said YES!", he bellowed, at 5.03 pm
And stood grinning at each other, like idiots, until 5.05 pm

And then, a laughter SO loud filled the air, piercing the quiet
"HAHAHAHAHA", they went, joint in voice
Clink, clink, clack – the crowd went, confused and miffed, trying to drown out the noise

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Author: beetlejuice357

Living the dog-mom life, 7 years at a time. Over-thinking and under-writing. Empathy is a slow killer.

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