How social(media) are you?

I’m on Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp and telegram. Pinterest, yes. Twitter, no. Snapchat – kinda, too dumb to figure it out and way too less patience for it. But I’m active on Instagram and I post pictures and videos of myself and my little puppy (who’s one but I will never, EVER accept he’s an adult now) pretty much everyday. I click, filter, post and refresh and re-refresh the page to put my math skills to use by counting “hearts” aka likes (or is loves?). I’m not a bigwig and so I don’t get 40,000 likes, not even 4,000 or well, 400 but I get 40 and I’m elated! I feel like an icon, like a celebrity. I walk out of home wondering if someone is going to recognize the mom-puppy duo that is Bam Bam and I. Until, ofcourse, realization hits that out of the 40 likes, 39 are sister, besties, boyfriend, cousins, colleagues and then finally 2 likes from freeee_followers_likesssss and want_sex_me. So,well, no, unless all of those people are around me no one is going to recognize me. But I like to believe that may happen and it keeps my confidence up and I dress up and leave home with my chin up. That’s a good thing isn’t it? 

I bought a book shelf, filled it with books but don’t necessarily read often enough as I would like. I learnt to bike, and was gifted a bike but don’t necessarily ride often enough as I would like. I bought a 55″ 4K tv earlier this year but don’t watch it as much as I would like. I have paints – I love to paint! But I don’t do it as much as I would like. My bed’s unmade, sheets unchanged, clothes unfolded for over a month now – as much as I would love to be a neatness freak and have an image of a clean bed (like on Pinterest) in my head. But I know what new hoodie Evy’s tree is releasing this fall, how Chloe the dog jumped over a hoop this morning and how much each of the new organic, all- natural soap in that new ethical, fair-trade shop costs. All of this – isn’t so much a good thing, is it?

I’m social, alright. I love people, love dogs, animals and kids. Insects, not so much, but that’s a different thing. But do I talk enough? I text a LOT – is that talking? In my mind, each of my text “conversations” are important and I put all my energy into typing it out. But if someone calls me, I shut down. I put the call on speaker and text others (confession alert). I have stats of how many likes, chats and/or shipping alert emails I may have gotten in 0.15 seconds running through the back of my head like a stock market ticker. Sad? I agree. Isn’t this not not a good thing?

Honestly? I don’t know. This is the new digital era and all that cliched crap. And somewhere I feel, this is it. This is the new social. This is how people do it. We party not to have fun, but to dress up and post pictures. You have a dog, babies etc to tell the world how wonderful the experience is. We watch movies with a critical eye so we can announce or denounce the screenplay, editing and background music(?). We confess, gloat and grow with our online support groups, hoping and wishing that there are atleast 5 unknown people out there who wish the best for you and their prayers for you would count. It’s such a mess but it’s such a big part of our lives these days that is hard to dissociate without coming across as being anti-social(media). We do it to fit in yet to try and be innovative lu unique through it.

Now excuse me while I go look at what dog_lover_221 has to say about my recent post. I’ve been blogging on my phone long enough to miss 22 notifications (yes, that’s an exaggeration).

End of part-1. Don’t go looking for a part-2 because it may never happen. But yes, please follow me on Instagram – preetiramachandran🙊🙈🙉🤐


Author: beetlejuice357

Living the dog-mom life, 7 years at a time. Over-thinking and under-writing. Empathy is a slow killer.

2 thoughts on “How social(media) are you?”

  1. saw Your instagram posts, bam bam is cool, but somehow stuck with”harry potter” whenever i see him yedhukunu teriila….btw I dont even like the book .

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