If you think I’m going to write about something as cliche as “change is the only thing constant in this world”, well, you’re right. Because it is. It defines everything around me, maybe you too, but especially me. I’m constantly changing, my thoughts, my mind. Maybe I’m fickle. Or maybe I’m normal. Normal, what does it even mean anyway? A word that defines and destroys everything that one knows. But I’ll get into that later. I have but obviously changed since the last time I presented myself to the outside world. Physically went through multiple transformations of fat to thin and fat again. Mentally, is another different story in my case. Sometimes I feel I’m the embodiment of strength. Tough times make people stronger and all that jazz. Other times I accept my vulnerabilities, bordering on self-pity and drowning in why-mes. Only to regain composure through knowledge that this, too, is another phase – a tough one that shall pass and make me tougher. All that toughening should’ve transformed me into a lady in shining armor but nope, I changed again. And no one, not even me, saw it coming.

There have been definitive phases and phrases in the last few years that I want to talk about because I do not want them to be mere conversations in my mind. I actually want to see them written out, listened to or read by, so I can rationalize if I am right or wrong, insipid or super smart. Or is it merely just perspective, because in this day and age everything is relegated as individual choice or freedom of expression without the confinements of being right or wrong, morally or otherwise. 

Here I am. Back again.


Author: beetlejuice357

Living the dog-mom life, 7 years at a time. Over-thinking and under-writing. Empathy is a slow killer.

5 thoughts on “Change”

      1. All Well, enga irukka ippo? yenna full kaching kachinga in america wat do they call it minting money?

  1. Hahaha – kaching kaching aa? Yes which is basically me with pichai pathram roaming the streets!๐Ÿ˜‚ but yes, US of A Dan for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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